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Building Strong Minds and Bodies Through Physical Fitness!      We Offer Boys & Girls Programs Including  *Artistic Gymnastics * Competitive Jump Rope * Tumbling Classes *  Parent & Tot Classes * Pre-School Classes *  Home School Classes * Private Lessons * Birthday Parties *   Competitive Gymnastics and Jump Rope Teams        







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The Youth Sports Competitive Gymnastics Team provides children of ages 6-18 the opportunity to learn crucial life skills such as discipline, mental strength, and time management through physical fitness! Youth Sports offers both Junior Olympic level gymnastics and the XCel program. 

The Shooting Stars class is designed to prep young gymnasts (ages 4 to 6) that show future team potential and interest while the pre-team is geared towards children ages 7 and up. From there, the gymnasts will advance onto team after proper training and preparation. Girls must at least be 6 years of age to participate in competitions by the rules of USA Gymnastics. The training hours will increase as the gymnasts move up levels due to the increasing physical demands and skill difficulty.


To schedule a free trial with our team, please contact the girls' team director Coach Mindy  @ 703/590-8400 OR via email youthsportsmindy@yahoo.com.